Destined Disposition

The truth is I think about you all the time

I want to step in the world of your thoughts, do you want to step into mine?

The truth is I let my losses consume me

Im holding on to a vine and its ripping

I'm afraid of the fall yet never think if I'm able to stick the landing


Mama always told me she never fell in love

Mama said  it might be the most powerful drug

Let love in and maybe you will see

That one drug might just set you free

It's too late for me, but just take that leap and my darling you will see.


The truth is I think about you everyday

I have all this time and never find the right things to say

The truth is if you knew the truth you would see a different version of me

A version of me that I never wanted to be


There's a lock on the box that unleashes my every thought

I wonder could it be?

Could you handle it if I gave you my key

I don't want to be your fatal destruction 


The truth is you haunt my dreams

You're all I've ever wanted and more

My fingers are gripping the knob tight but I'm hesitant 

I'm not ready to see what's behind the door





  • Goldfinch60

    In all aspects of life there are doors and if you didn't go through them none of us would be where we are now, go through that door.

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