Your solemn pitted face bears the scars of war from the depths of the deep where oceans no longer weep from your pours. You hold a mystery that you won’t tell, leaving us in a mesmerising spell of wonder & awe.


I look upon you with a sadness of death & solitude as you wax & wane in the darkness of celestial pain. Lunar seas no longer grace your shores; you’re just a barren & broken world of craters yet still an inspiration of tales still spoken by the masses.


We have stood upon your dust & rocks and touched your exterior yet you stood your ground letting our heroes feel inferior to your existence. Tell us the secrets of where you came; allow us to understand your longing & shame as you encircle us in silence.


Your power is still an unknown force to us as your actions pull & push our tide & your light at night becomes our guide to the galaxy. Did you once hold life, or do you hide secrets beneath your veneer that we can only guess as you disappear before rebirth.


Begone; then broaden from a narrow crescent through

the first quarter & gibbous phase until you become full again.

Your glacial purity & your limpid rays evoke a reverie of

charm & tranquillity; long may you remain.


© 2020 Unsub


  • Goldfinch60

    Wonderful words Unsub. as Lawless said when I arose this morning and looked out the window the full moon was looking down on me assuring that all will be fine.


    • Unsub


      I am totally mystified by the moon. Without the moon the earth could not survive. It is a control beacon for earth; it may also be a viewing station for aliens to watch their experiment; the earth but that's a whole new poem!



    • orchidee

      A fine write Unsub. A corny joke, very old: 'When the full moon came out, I used to change into a werewolf, bit I'm all right noooowwwww!' Howling impression there!
      If it was 'meeoowwww' it would be a cat impression!

      • Unsub


        as you said; corny!


      • sylviasearcher

        This made me feel all emotional today

        I won't waffle on about it, but it got me...

        Okay just a little waffle, 'lunatic' - meaning moon-struck but also previously used to mean insane/crazy/whatever

        Who wouldn't be moon-struck after reading this.

        You reminded me I'm a lunatic

        And I cried with a weird mix of sadness and joy

        Sorry couldn't restrain myself

        • Unsub


          only a lunatic would totally enjoy my poem...or even write it!

          My friends list is limited to lunatics only...I feel safe around my type of people.

          Sorry you cried.


          • sylviasearcher

            No need ti be sorry. Crying is often necessary and we should all do it more!

          • Laura🌻


            Truly an ‘exceptional piece’ as Santita states.

            I’ve always been mesmerized by this majestic satellite called MOON. As a child, I would stare at it up in the sky and speak to my celestial friend. I would miss her when she wasn’t visible.
            “Dove è la mia Luna?” (“Where is my Moon?”),
            I would ask my mom.

            My mom would always reassure me that it was there and say, “Don’t worry my dear Moon Child!” As a child, I thought she called me Moon Child for the simple reason that I was fascinated by it and would stare at it endlessly. As I got older she explained to me that I was born under the star Cancer sign—ruled by the Moon. She would say, “You are my Moon Child. Moon children are ruled by the Moon...you know.”

            From one Moon Child to another,
            I thank you for sharing your writing talents;
            especially this write
            which I can relate to.

            As always... 🌝


            • Unsub

              Dear fellow moon-child,

              appreciate the comment. I too am mesmerised by the moon; I can stare at it for ages without needing to move away.


            • ANGELA & BRIAN

              GOOD EVENING UNSUB ~ Brian Here ~ I agree with everyone SISTER MOON is AWESOME ! So BIG (one-sixth the size of Planet Earth) and so CLOSE only 250,000 miles. We can get there and back in a week. Venus has NO MOON ~ Mars has Two which are only the size of the Isle of White ! Buzz Aldrin called it the ^Magnificent Desololation* because - compared with Planet Earth it IS ! However as you Poem States *There are important duties to be done - to be done* 24/7 by Sister Moon ! She controls the TIDES - She provides Light @ Night - a great boon to Primative Man & Nocturnal Animals. She also influences the Flora & Fauna & Mankind in ways we dont fully understand. Science has theories about Her Origin but we would be much worse off without Her ! Shine on - Shine on - SISTER MOON we all Love You ~ WICKED !

              Blessings & Peace to You & Yours
              Love BRIAN & ANGELA 🧡🤍💙

              • Unsub

                A&B or B&A,

                thanks for taking time to read & comment on my work.


              • myself and me

                It is seldom to see your tender and sensitive side. Is this under the anger mask and black hood. It feels nice and odd at the same time.

                • Unsub


                  I try not to be a one-trick pony.

                  Of course the anger mask & hood is worn at all times...but currently the mask is keep Covid-19 away.


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