Podcast lesson (re)learned today...

(May 6,2020) for umpteenth time,

no deliberate attempt to rhyme

rather to express satisfying reason

incalculable absolute value prime

mate (me) derived bliss oh so divine.


Fresh animal tracks thru equa door

gave urge right of way

plethora experiencing cuteness

(Peru) vid me oy vey


while taking virtually

augmented jaunt to Uruguay

cats, dogs, horses... as they

(meow, ruff, but never neigh... say).


Unlike lions, tigers and bears oh my..

do not know pretentiousness

as evidenced after binge watching

countless videos on AOL homepage

since... well beginning of time,


loosely translates approximately mere decades,

which within world wide webbed world

generally registers soon after

dawn of twenty first century

ushered telecommunications tsunami


(i.e. more specifically

aforementioned web logs

craftily became adventitious

when Internet permeated every day life),

where inspirational cuteness


factor off the charts,

which poetic idea

came to mind watching an owner

over pamper her four legged

furry feline friend.


Melt your heart deal liver red

(really, sincerely, truthfully,

I no kidney you),

nor will ye most likely beg to differ,

but omnipotent bonds between

pets and their owners shed


figurative light intimate communion prevails,

cuz upon demise of beloved

domesticated feline, canine, equine...

inconsolable profuse tears gush

analogous to loss of significant other

he/she did wed.


Mutual unconditional love linkedin

to cathartic, intrinsic, therapeutic... win

win situation offering kinship time and agin

tender loving care if ye been

unstinting purr displaying unfettered compassion

regarding caressing, feeding, massaging... even

cuddling non human creature if not chicken


against getting henpecked,

(no different than child)

both dependent upon regular attention

to allow, enable, and provide escalation

engendering inseparable oh my dog categorical

inextricable unbounded blessedness

beyond infinite realm of calculation.


Perhaps recalling fond

vetted memories, how alert

nsync with non Homo sapien

family creature did

unwittingly proffer comfort

vicariously experiencing recollections


viewing podcasts exert

tug of nostalgia, whose absence

(i.e.death) of mine favorite

boyhood pooch (Georgie) did induce hurt,

cuz both of us shared doggone happy times

understanding each other

despite remaining inert.




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  • Published: May 6th, 2020 12:25
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  • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷🐦😽

    A super poem epic and I enjoyed it , related to it a bit because I love watching the equine, the feline on YouTube videos. Kudos for this muse.

    Plz Pleez do read and comment my newest poem too.

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