Personality mask

Don’t listen to what i say

Hear the things left unsaid

I hide stuff away

All these problems in my head


Don’t let my joy confuse you 

My smile or my grin

I’m really feeling blue 

And i didn’t let you in


These playing cards are here 

To show you what I’ve done

I haven’t let you near

Ive confused you, I guess i won   


The worry doll protects me 

Holding all my fears

It’s what you cant see 

They almost disappear 


The words “i wanted to”

For the things i haven’t done

What i never told you 

I really haven’t won


The paint brush is for art

Helping keep me sane

It really plays a part              

In helping with the pain


The little book tells

Of all the hours that I’ve spent 

Hiding in a shell            

Leaving you wondering where i went


The collar is for my cat

Of whom i hold so dear

My best friend, she is that

I’ll always keep her near


The flower is for growing

Of which I’ve done so much 

I sure hope its showing

I haven’t lost my touch


The notes and pen, for memories

I like to right them down

To remember things like “Emory”

And things that make me frown


The dog is for the animals 

All the creatures that I’ve owned 

I don’t know what rhymes with animals

So this verse will be postponed


The shell is for adventure

All the places that I’ve been

The trips are a thirst quencher 

To somewhere new, I‘m in

The word “forget”

Because i uh well forgot 

  • Author: Primrose (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 14th, 2020 14:28
  • Comment from author about the poem: The poem is about the personality mask that i made.
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