Love at First Bite (subject to name change soon)

I fucked you....

in my head the whole ride home.

Enthralled with your body,

Tactical tongue expedition searching for the sweet spots that make you whisper my name.

I arrived home.

Then I came.

One bite,

Followed by a cataleptic style orgasm

Filling you with prodigious amounts of me.

Love never tasted so good....

When I heard...

The way to a mans heart is through his stomach,

I couldn’t stomach the idea of even being infatuated with a woman just because she could cook.

Until now....

Before the remnants from the last spoonful of your love touched down to curb my appetite

I knew,

I’d see you again tomorrow.

That unforgettable taste tap danced on my tastebuds all night.

Wet dreams that formed in my head seeped out through the mouth after every imaginary bite.

Tossed and turned while suffering through the agony of awaiting sunrise.

So when sunshine hit,

With just one click,

My message was on the way.....

“Goodmorning Love, what’s on the menu for today?”

Although at this point the only thing that mattered is that I may need deliverance,

Being that I’d eat anything you touched and wash it down with your bath water while u sit in it.

Lunchtime hit and I’m on my way,

Not sure if i’m more excited to get my plate or see your face.

I picked it up at the door and had a bite before I made it back to the car,

Then couldn’t stop myself from looking back serenading my favorite Luther line before I got too far....

“Can I take you out tonight?”






  • Neville

    I was not expecting what I got.. but I enjoyed it nevertheless...

    Oh' and small time chefs are almost always better at cooking than the larger chains.. Cheers,


    • Bragee

      Hahaha I try to plot twist from time to time to challenge the raw side of my personality!

      and yes I am now finding this to be true, I may never eat out again.

      Thank you for your time Neville!


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