Please do not weep for me!

(alternately titled: dost newt expend

precious tears toward pitiful poet!)


Intense passion to read

doth foster divine enlightenment...


Also simultaneously, albeit instantaneously

triggering brutal mind-numbing self awareness

starkly underscoring how existence (mine)

devoid scant trace

positive life enhancing events,

more so quality being alive

analogous - think vicious feedback loop

underscoring how yours truly

passionately enjoys multifarious authors

buzzfeed curiosity crafting riveting saga

fueling said avidity to glean

material fostering cerebral satiation.


No matter whetted appetite

temporarily alleviated regarding

feasting imagination proffered

thru well crafted saga

actuality, reality, totality

essentially self quarantined

sabotaged, sequestered, squandered

within wide webbed


wonderful world of books

merely minimally testing his mettle

ironically endowing me to scrutinize

smidgen differentiation which prevails

distinguishing counting himself,

not unlike grateful dead,

where umpteen counting crows carrion.


Impossible mission to staunch

or stem the tide

sustaining feasting upon written word

diametrically opposing inner sentiments

scathe such bare bones

participation amidst gamut

of experiential opportunities.


Much more convenient

to savor dramaturgy

(where death defying deeds -

some perhaps done dirt cheap)

allow, enable, and provide

route to revel vicariously

submerging body, mind, and spirit


constituting adventures documenting

personal authored exploits,

and/or creating realistic

i.e. believable characters.

Thus days, weeks, months...

elapse finding me cocooned


(particularly advantageous

to cite coronavirus - COVID-19

as honest to dog

legitimate response if queried

what keeps me hermetically sealed

I can trot out series of unfortunate events

mandating each individual


to maintain isolation

(such passive withdrawal story of mein kampf,

thus no hardship to avoid madding crowd)

palpable, tenable, viable... justification

self evident, which status satisfactory

til death do me part.


Ever since... perchance in utero

this fella trends toward

astute, hirsute, prostrate...

stance (figuratively of course)

whiling away hours, days, months...

engrossed decrypting, insulating, procuring...

twenty six lettered symbols

linkedin to person, place or thing

ephemerally gravitating wholeheartedly

engrossing trials and tribulations

affecting wordsmith, which alter ego

represented courtesy dynamic

events spilling across page turner

leaving swirl of emotions

in their wake.


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