EVERY HOUSE - TO BECOME A HOME - NEEDS A PET !  An ANIMAL - of some species who can share & enjoy your HOME !  This is for COMPANIONSHIP and also to remind us that Planet Earth does not belong exclusively to the HUMAN RACE.  It belongs equally to all the Plants & Animals & Micro-organisms that share it with US and OUTNUMBER US - Millions to One ! CITIZENS of the UK (Pop. 66.5 million) are great Animal lovers and between US we own 10 million CATS - 9 million DOGS and 1 million RABBITS. Because (normally) we would be out @ work all day (Monday to Friday) a CAT would be the most suitable PET (at this stage) rather then a DOG. SMOKEY will have access all day to the KITCHEN - and a safe Garden and food & water.  We are both FREE @ Weekends so we will be able to have plenty of QUALITY TIME with SMOKEY. he knows US from our visits to the CATTERY. We collected SMOKEY this morning @ 9am and HE is as excited as we are. PUUUURY happily as we drove home - which is the sign of a contented CAT !  We have BALLOONS & *WELCOME HOME SMOKEY* on the Gate.  The local KIDS have turned up with TOYS & tins of CATFOOD to welcome HIM !  It is a dry & warm day so we set tables out in the GARDEN ! My MUM has brought CANAPES and Angelas PAPA bottles of chilled RIOJA BLANCO 2017 to toast SMOKEY.  We are treating 22nd MAY 2020 as His Official Third  Birthday !  Angelas MAMA has made a cake - in the shape of a CAT with three BIG CANDLES ~ AMEN !



He is a BLUE ABY ~ His coat is so SLEEK

He*ll stay with US for ever ~ and never more ROAM

We*ve visited Him in the CATTERY for ever eight WEEK !


He is a BLUE ABY ~ His coat is so SLEEK

He*ll fit in our lives ~ like a Hand in a a Glove

We*ve visited Him in the Cattery for over eight WEEK

We*ll Groom Him & Zoom Him and Shower HIM with LOVE !


He*ll fit in our lives ~ like a Hand in a Glove

We*ll supply all his needs - Tickletum - Toys - Drinks & His Feeds

We*ll Groom Him & Zoom Him and Shower Him with Love

Good CATS are content with their NEEDS not their GREEDS !


We*ll supply all His needs -- Tickletum - Toys - Drinks & His Feeds

he*ll stay with US for ever ~ and never more ROAM

Good CATS are content with their NEEDS not their GREEDS



Thanks for visit comments please ~ Love ~ Angela Brian & Smokey


Its nearly NOON and over 30 people (and FIVE CATS !) have come to see SMOKEY (all 6 feet apart !) Were on our FIFTH BOTTLE of Rioja Blanco 2017 & PAPA thinks its a Fiesta He*s in His Sombrero & Emroided Tuxido and selling His Rioja (Blanco y Tinta) @ £5 a Bottle Il es siempre El Vinero !  Alexa is playing Flamenco for us and everyone is dancing (6 feet apart !). All the LADIES are saying they have never seen such a Beautiful & Contented Cat ! 

AHUMERO es un Gato muy Hermoso y siempre Contento ! 


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  • Published: May 22nd, 2020 04:44
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  • Fay Slimm.

    ha ha - love this fun-pantoum with its welcome to Smokey - - landed methinks on his feet with a duo like you two. Look forward to reading more of his antics as he explores his new home.


      Thanks for your lovely comment FAY ! We too feel He has found his RIGHT HOME - With US for ever - AMEN ! SMOKEY is asleep in His Basket ! The little Cat has had a busy Day !

      Blessings & Peace & Joy
      Love Angela & Brian 💛💛💛

    • Nafest

      Is that a picture of Smokey? I stared at it, and felt like...ya know, like family.
      It's a great feeling.

      • ANGELA & BRIAN

        Good Evening JOKER - Thanks for your comment ! That photo was taken a few week ago at the Cattery ! His owner had died and we had to give a donation to the RSPCA to take possession of Him. He is a very knowing Cat and the Girls @ the Cattery cried when we collected Him. They*d grown acoustumed to his FACE !

        Blessings & Peace to You & Your Family
        Love Angela & Brian 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

      • orchidee

        A lovely write A&B. I want a Smokey too! Fido won't be jealous.

        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          Thanks for your comment Uncle Steve. Angelas MAMA had an ABY (Abyssinian Blue) and it got on well with their Labrador. AZUL (Spanish for Blue) was very alloof which suited ORO (Goldie !) ABYS are very expensive but they do click with Dogs (like FIDO) by ignoring them. ABYS purr rather than howl - so he would not compete with You singing-wise !

          Blessings to You & Your Feline Loving Fido
          Spritual Love Angela & Brian 💛💛💛💛💛

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