(By Jimmy Walker)

This morning I woke from seeing the remnants of the six decades recurring dream.

My thoughts and emotions, watching the, recurring dream.

Causing me to recall the past and pain of this recurring dream.

For six decades sharing the possible fulfillment of the dream;

Often friends and family casting me aside;

 As some kind of unregistered prophet of gloom and doom, having foreseen and told

That of coming deaths and thing’s that hurt their ears.

Six decades recurring dream. This is how it begins. Like a rushing might wave racing from

Our distant shores, again and again I watch from 1970 recurring, same race.

The Chinese armies invaded our shores in numbers like the sand of the seas.

Ooh, this terrible recurring dream engulfed me for years.

Were the armies of China to subjugate for real.

I wept with tears in the recurring dream.

Telling some friends hoping the dream would end.  Still I knew again it wouldn’t be revealed.

Decades came and went as the recurring dream gained more strength, now more convinced

My recurring dream will be for real. I told more friends to no end.

About the Chinese armies occupying our land; Subjugation of all we had, taking away dearly

Our rights that we know always, we had. 

Like a firestorm in the nineties the recurring dream became clearly. The invading armies of China taking control of America, with forces that outnumber the sands of the sea.

 I want our great Country to remain FREE!

Still, the 6 decade dream disturb me, spiritually I see, it isn’t just about me. We all, shall no longer

Be free. The Chinese armies are bond to never set us free.

Friend’s begun to believe me.

After predicting accurate and timely horrific events that I dreamed would come true.

 They now fear listening to me.

Six decades recurring dream so clear that China is coming for me. Its armies, killing destroyed what we were, are and shall be. We are now partially free. This terrible dream haunted me.

Now, 2020 the thing is clear, the pandemic is here. The six decade recurring dream vivid and real as can be.

In 2019 I forewarned my former lover to cherish freedom, be watchful in D.C.;

My, recurring dream, weighing heavily upon me. 

In a dream 20th December, the Angel spoke to me. The six decade dream; 

of China’s army invading as the sands of the sea. Shall be revealed, between January and February 2020.

She thanked and first of the year she called to confess she’s amazed about my dream and prediction, that like a red dragon across the sky, breathing out fire.

Something from China would cripple our way of life. Now the pandemic and widespread panic is here.

My six decade recurring dream frightens even me!

By Jimmy Walker







  • Author: Jim Blackhawkwings (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 22nd, 2020 09:14
  • Comment from author about the poem: THIS POETIC POEM IS FROM A RECURRING DREAM THAT HAUNTED ME FOR SIX DECADES. While I made mention of a foreign country followed by relating the dream to current pandemic; I\\\'m wholeheartedly not saying the dream or current COVID-19 crisis is the fulfillment of the dream. I can speculate from exact recall of the recurring dream as it depicts China armies invading America in 2020. The recurring dream since 1970 to the present is personal to me.
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