Graveyard of Dead Flowers

Sadness overcomes me
from every dimly-lit
corner of vacant happiness
It sweeps in
acute waves panging
in my chest

I stand in the graveyard
of dead flowers;
my mother’s
dining room homage
to better times,
kinder hours
A time when
she flourished
as vibrant as
a desert sun
When she
was vivacious,
confident, and fun
Not defined by the
tragedy etched
into the bones
of her house -
no longer a home

Grief has taken up
residence here
it is in every crevice
gathering dust
on stacked tiers

It takes a great deal
of strength
not to scream,
or yell
to not let out
an aching bellow
from the depths
of my being
I don’t want to scream
for me
But for my mother,
for the person
she used to be
The one I know
is clawing inside
her sullen shell
begging to be freed

Instead of screaming,
I smile at her
forever hopeful
that one day
she will
come back
to me


  • Neville

    so well expressed and finely tuned..
    these words will surely resonate with all those who have, or who ever had a mother...

  • Fay Slimm

    A heart-touching lament that only one who has lost a loved mother can understand.......... a powerful read Santita.

  • Laura

    My Dear Santita,

    Like an arrow,
    the power of your words have pierced my heart!
    I lost my mom more than six months ago! I feel her absence every single day!

    “Grief has taken up
    residence here
    it is in every crevice
    gathering dust
    on stacked tiers”

    These words really resonate!
    Your prowess to write poetry is exceptional!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


  • Michael Edwards

    A 'tugging' write that captures the reader.

  • peto

    When she comes back
    You will be there
    You have given your all, that will count
    Another level of writing yet again
    So visual I saw the whole journey
    Not just the house


    I’m really enjoying the rawness and intensity of some of your latest work. You have captured your emotions very well in this one.

    Hopefully the afterlife will bring the two of you together again. Until then, you have her spirit within you.

  • Goldfinch60

    Very emotive write Santita, she is still with you and will always be there for you.


  • orchidee

    A poignant write Santita.
    Meanwhile - I laid flowers in tribute of KP. Well, I hardly recognise her now, with all her botox! She's got uglier, and that's a fact, that's all I know! lol.

  • Dove

    Does she have Alzheimer, dementia! " A shell of herself! " Its a sad beautiful poem, a very moving write!

    Bless you! Wishing you all the best

  • myself and me

    One day the graveyard will covered with flowers, then you know, she is freed. Very touching.

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