Golden Soul


You beauty you. 

Resplendent and sweet.

How deeply you sob.

Gracefully releasing a pain in your heart.

Haunted by lustful eyes. 

You are a golden soul.

Do not paralyze your bright mind for the sake of fools.

Those that pitifully mistake you for a fool’s gold. 

You are not that fake, lackluster, falsified metal.

Though beautiful it may be, valuable it is not.

The pure gold you are made of can withstand the heat of any man!

Conduct the volts needed to amplify any life you choose.

Light touches you then leaps back onto whatever stands near.

The whole world knows what you are worth. What you can do. 

No man can change that. 

Don’t let go of your golden soul. 

  • Author: Leya Virago (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 22nd, 2020 16:34
  • Comment from author about the poem: Another stream of consciousness poem. These are so much fun. Wouldn't consider them to be masterpieces, but they mean something... What does this mean to you?
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  • Andrew Charles Forrest

    still haven't found the courage to do this M but I am going to
    To me this means beauty is in the eye of the beholder something, sometimes no-one else can see but it's there special and true to you or anyone who can see them
    That is true beauty
    Thank you
    I love these streams of consciousness writes

    • MaddieJ

      Thanks ACF! Your comments are appreciated and I hope that you can try this out soon! It's such an exercise. I actually feel relieved and sometimes joyful after doing these because they express something within my subconscious that needs to get out. I am so glad you're enjoying them along with me!

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