A heart speaks a man wants

Without a doubt I left who I was in your head. 

without a doubt if I'm ever that person again slit his throat leave him dead burry the body with the shovel in the shead.

I want more but can I handle it?

I held my self back for too long so much anger why don't I channel it? 

Be better or put your hoodie up until I die and I'm forgotten forever.

But what does that mean to me shouldn't mean something still? But I feel nothing what's so ever.

 I have work ethic do I have the ambition.

What does it take to get my inner strength out for the weakness to shit the fuck up and me to listen.

To feel judged is to feel loved made a fool of myself a leson learned but if I was asked to do it again a little part of me would still go beyond and above.

Now I know,  tough and I hold a grudge; but it's fact I won't act on that in honesty a big part of me wants you to find what you need in life.

Yes things that were done were not done right, let me see you forget me let it help me, give me pain for me to find peace.

To be the best me because I am weak.

a heart can speak a man can want but can he achieve. 

What do I want ?


  • Confia.En.Tu.Corazon 87

    Wow! A lot of emotions in this one! I love the raw emotions that you put in this. I could feel the words as I read it.

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