Notice of absence from Unsub

The herd passes me by

Shouting insults

They don’t know why they shout

Somebody else told them to do it


I cross my arms & stare in defiance

Shouting words they don’t understand

I know what I am saying

I say it because I choose to


Against the grain

Against the tide

Against the path

A turbulent ride


Against the grain

Against the tide

Against the path

I need no guide


The sheep stroll on by

Laughing & mocking

They don’t know why they mock

Someone else told them they should


I stand firm & simply return a smile

I mock them back through the smile I wear

I know why I do it

I told myself to do it


I need no guide

I’m not one of the crowd

I need no guide


© 2020 Unsub


  • Goldfinch60


    I totally agree with you and I too am not one of the crowd. I am me and will always follow what is right for me and my friends around me.

    Keep well


    • Unsub


      I know you're not one of the crowd my friend, you carry on as you are.



    • orchidee

      I suppose we are sheep, as a Biblical metaphor, needing a Shepherd.
      Now sheep may look cute, with the 'ahh factor', etc. But I read, they also can be silly, and follow the herd, to good or bad outcomes.
      That you 'Baaa-ing?!'

      • Unsub


        well I suppose if you believe the nonesense regarding needing a shepherd then you've been a sheep since the first day you read & believed the bible. The bible was probably in my opinion one of the first methods introduced to control the masses as it still does today! But hey! That's your belief & lifestyler & if you're happy then who am I to argue about it.

        Thanks for reading & commenting,


        ps. I noticed you are no longer in my friends list? Did I upset you or something?

        • orchidee

          Eh? I can't recall scrubbing you off me Christmas card (friends) list! I will look into it. Baaaa!! Notice the sheep reference there?!

        • peto

          Love how you write
          Easy to read, always a statement or message involved.
          This is pulsatingly defiant.
          Extremely talented, and I believe, even improving.
          So glad to see you still writing

          • Unsub


            "pulsatingly defiant" - my ego loves that statement!

            Glad to hear you think I am improving; would be harder to take if you said I was getter worse! LOL!

            Thanks as always,


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