I touched a star 

A step too far 

It burned a scar 

So deep 

Then made a choice 

Amid the noise 

And sent my voice 

Too sleep 

Erotic themes 

Desires and dreams 

Bursting the seams

Clean sweep 

The darker twin 

Under my skin 

Allows each sin

A seep 

So stand well back 

All that i lack 

I will attack

And reap

As those who care

Are well aware 

You'll never scare 

This creep






  • Unsub


    rhymthic & fast flowing piece of poetry which is a fine example of quality poetry.

    Thankfully you don't write about your cat as that seems to be the hot topic to bore everybody.

    Awesome last line...I like being the creep so this poem sits very well with me.

    Good strong posting that has restored my wavering faith in the quality of poetry being spat out on MPS of late.



    • peto

      Cheers big chap
      Great to see you

      • peto

        Thank you M A
        Ghaffar is a word for boss where I come from
        Look forward to reading your work

      • Laura


        Overstepping a boundary can be dangerously intriguing and alluring.
        Forewarned is forearmed!

        I enjoyed the read.
        Thank you for sharing.


        • peto

          Thank you very much Laura
          Delighted to hear you enjoyed
          Much appreciated

        • Samreen Chowdhury

          Great write! i enjoyed this one. excellent imagery and rhythm used.

          • peto

            Great to see you samreen
            Thank you

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