Confia.En.Tu.Corazon 87


Words everywhere, they scatter left to right, top to bottom they may not have a rhythm or rhyme but they make up all that I am. A thought from Tuesday morning or the closing of Monday night. Some clean others scribbles hard to read and out of line.


They pace my mind like paintings hung up in a gallery of words that don’t make sense but neatly arranged with emotions pined tight. A wall of imagery framed with delight.


This one was sad that one was mad, this one bright and full of light from two Sundays back. But this one was pretty accurate the one that held it to gather like a puzzle ready to be had, so Nifty and riddled.


Framed in the biggest room in her mind, the space of time, cleaned from all the scatter and clutter and distraction an oasis of her paradise she kept from everyone to view. A sacred place only for her viewing.


She visits it from time to time, I special place she built in her mind, blocked from the world only for her eyes. The masterpiece that keeps it in balance. It’s doesn’t have time or gravity that keeps it in line nor does it even justify up from down or left from right.


Just a frame by itself in its own space that just understands its existence and its place. Guarded by a wooden door crafted by hand very unique and placed there from the beginning when we first made this place. Some would say it's a door seen before, familiar to some but home to me.


Held close and tight stitched with ribbon into my spirit and cloth with my mind placed so perfectly in the light with detail and accuracy that made it glisten just at the right time.


The words took on a note of its own melody that mesmerized the ears and captured the mind to pick up on the floating images passing by like a small movie of memories that played so precise with the keys of the night.


It took it presents like how the stars belong to the sky at night and how the moon lights the darkest nights it just coincided meant to be as one. This is the oasis built in her mind her perfect paradox of Paradise called her mind.




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