John McChord


I heard a vessel call

But I knew not which one

And each of them a sailing spirit-

Their spirit known to none


And so I sought their purpose

To assign my myself a deed

Each ship a burning carousel

Blown by life and speed


First I heard the Mayflower

Built by hope to stand

I saw in her my longing

To conquer virgin sand


Perhaps the Shackleton I was more aboard

Endurance would be my god

As I had quickly seen, to the endurance-

I’d before endured more


But next I felt a fire

That could not be extinguished

With all my hope far pardoned

This curse was sure contrived


Upon the curved horizon

A darkened mast did call

And fire blew through his putrid nose

This ship knew me, the most of all


Queen Anne, came raging by

In its voyage a flash of evil vision kept

The intent was sole to burn the cowards eye

Despite its fearful effort, I stood unswept


At first she scowled and spited me

For I refused to bow, and ‘neath her bow I stood

She called for all I suffered for, thought that would make me bleed

Though I felt an anger there, more spite she’d sure long need


All the while she howled at me I pondered my retort

To her I called,  “You ship of hell not known of I,- For whom the bell does toll”

The sails fell low and Teach dropped his sword


The strength my men is long withstood

Hold fast and seek the wind

And surely you remember you will conquer

Your trials are constructed in rope and sails and wood

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