Fireside traveler

Fireside traveler


I said I have never been abroad

You might sneer and then say pity

“Your salary can well afford

You to travel on any board.”


I felt the shame inside and out as a miser

Then put on the pretension of the wiser

“A trip saved is worth the penny in hand,

The fireside couch potatoes understand.”


My soul is an exile ever on the roam

It never settles,  abroad or at home



    HI AROBOT ~ BRIAN HERE ! Angela & I love to travel and prior to LOCKDOWN ~ From the UK for £300 ($400) we could fly to any European Capital (Athens - Paris - Rome - Madrid etc) with half-borad in a HOTEL ! We want to visit India - China - Japan etc and will when the EMBARGO is lifted ! We have stayead in 15 American States & each one is very very different ~ especially Hawaii & Alaska ! We consider money spent on TRAVEL is ALWAYS money well spent ~ AMEN ! You cant take you Money to Heaven with YOU ~ But you can take you MEMORIES !

    Blessings to YOU & YOURS
    Love ANGELA & BRIAN 💛💛💛
    Pleease check *LIFE IS LIKE A CROSSWORD* Thanks A & B

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