At Wits End

When your at,
your wit's end,
and your hanging on,
by a thread,
and your mind tends,
to bend and bend,
before you snap,
remember what,
The Word said.
God is not,
the author of confussion.
He gives us,
a sound mind,
and a clear head.
Our way is trouble.
We must remain humble,
or we will stumble,
and fall hard.
So when you are,
at wit's end,
remember, The Helper,
God promised,
He would send.

unballed fist humboldt
splayed fingers vamoose releasing
wrist took rat / release sing psalm /
handily puts me at wetend
palm history awash with drips
(Me slippery fingers slither,
slip and slide splashing ala
Jackson Pollock), sans slap
dash experimental, swiftly
tailored and harried writing
style, yes on par with purging,
spewing, venting...unexpurgated,
unexpressed, unexplained...
words, which this Engelbert
Humperdinck singer/songwriter,
(whose name inexplicably popped
into the mind of this Dadaist)
offers "FAKE" apology for any
self inflicted, or sadomasochistic
flagellated cranial contusions
out of utter futility to make sense
regarding following gobbledygook!

A T WITS END ~ Does often imply
T HAT one has run out of Steam
W HATEVER it is ones run out of
I N my case its usually IDEAS !
T HIS is a Bad situation because
S ATAN always likes to fill voids
E VERYONE should give GOD a chance
N BODY has all the ANSWERS ~ Shun
D EVIL Let GO and Let GOD help OK
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  • Poetics

    Yours words are a reminder in dark and uncertain times.

    I heard it said, and these words rang true, "on my right side, and on my left.. but you shall go not nigh.."

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