facing ignorance

Sleeping routines are no longer routine.

Eyes fixed to the screen on my hand held machine. 

The neighbours are unseen unless wiping sunscreen on their shoulders to sunbathe.


Cuing and cuing and cuing and cuing and once I’m inside I’m still cuing in line. 

Lost track of all time? Today is Sunday, no Tuesday.. wait let me just think

You see the last three months has gone by in a blink, for me. Unfortunately that is not everybodys story. 


And as time stood still down butterfly meadows,

in many other  meadows there where sadness that echoed the pain of others. 


And as the darkest still hovers through peoples cities and homes, 

down the streets and in the towns that lead to new roads,

for a lot of people fear still exists in their story. 


And as I sit here with my no sleeping routine,  the clock strikes 15 minutes past 2 in the morning. 

I’m no longer sat yawning but morning the sadness for strangers I’ll never even meet. 


The machine in my hand informs me, of the tragedy other people are facing daily. 

The machine screen in my hand that my eyes glare towards informs me, of the tragic reality people face daily. 


I can only be grateful for the life I’ve been blessed, the health of my family and the life I’ve been lucky to posses. 

I can only do better for those that have less then, and contribute to the slow progression that is change. 


There needs to be change. 



  • Poetic Dan

    Wow... so good to see your vibration hope this year our inner worlds change in new begins!

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