AS EXPLAINED PREVIOUSLY ~ A Syn-acrostic is the same as an ordinary Acrostic but each line must begin with a WORD that is a Synonym (or a Descriptor) for the title word ! An extensive  Vocabulary is a prerequisite to being an effective Poet. Such a Poem (to have any intrinsic Reciteability) must either have a consistent Rhyme Pattern or consistent Rhythm (Blank Verse). The acrostic line starters for EXPECTATIONS are Expectations -  X-ray - Possibility - Eager - Confident - Trusting -  Anticipation - Temperament - Inspired - Optimistic - NO Negativity - Positivity - Success - YES - You too can SUCCEED ! 

Why not try one for YOURSELF ?  Love to All MPS Members 

          Angela - Brian - Smokey Cat  💛💛💛


E XPECTATIONS ~ of a better tomorrow

X RAY ~ says broken bone - so we can mend it

P OSSIBILITY ~ of Joy & not of Sorrow

E AGER ~ for opportunity so apprehend it !

C ONFIDENT ~ You can fulfil Great Expectations

T RUSTING ~ in your Strengths - Sense - Sensibility

A NTICIPATION ~ You can rise above your Apprehensions

T EMPREMENT ~ to activate - Succeed

I NSPIRED ~ by those who have succeeded

O PTIMISTIC ~ You can follow where they Lead

N O to NEGATIVITY ~ Your Positivity is Needed !

SUCCESS ~ in all things ? YES You too can SUCCEED ! 


Thanks for visit comments please ~ Angela 💛 Brian 💛 Smokey 


BRIAN HERE ~ You could ask why have I chosen *FLY ME TO THE MOON* ?  Well seriously - because Im only 36 and a Scientist I still have many expectations - and probably 50 years to fulfil them. One of them is to travel into Space - orbit the Earth - look down on it and see it in all its Sunlit Glory - AWESOME ! Buzz Aldrin (90) has great FAITH that we can Colonise MARS using the MOON as the First Stop on the Journey. They will need People like Angela & I to crew & colonise !  Great Expectations perhaps our First Baby could be the First Martian ! What are your unfulfilled EXPECTATIONS ?   

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  • orchidee

    A fine write A&B.
    Can I full Great Expectations? I fulfilled Nicholas Nickleby once, though I felt the book dragged on a bit!


    Thanks for all your comments UNSUB they are not NEGATIVE but they are SUBJECTIVE not OBJECTIVE ! However being Young (30*s) we are very open to critisism and a SUBJECTIVE CRITIQUE is better than none at all ! What the Martian Colonisers are looking for are People with Medical - Scientific & Technological & Administrative Skills. Angela & i would tick those BOXES. Preferably couples without Young Children and People prepared to take a *ONE-WAY TICKET* Religion is not an issue ~ Applicants could be any Religion or None or Any Culture. A common language would be essential for communication. Pesonally
    I feel the Colonisation of Mars (not Venus or the Moon) is a long way off (2035 at the earliest) so we may be too old when the opportunity arises. Buzz is 90 so I doubt he will ever set foot on Mars. The big issue is OXYGEN & WATER which would have to be sourced from minerals on Mars ! The concept of a Martian Colony of Millions is in the hinterland between Science Fact & Science Fiction.
    Sorry for restating what a SYN~ACROSTIC is but MPS is a very dynamic site and new People join every week OK !
    Angela & I are Professional People seeking to do Useful Jobs in the Community. We just happen to be Christians but we are not Pastors or Evangelists or Full-time Church Workers and any work we done in our Local Church (Music - Youth Leaders etc) is Voluntary. If we did go to Mars it would be as Scientists and not to Set up The Martian Church of Jesus Christ & Latter Day Aliens ! We can worship ALONE just as we have done for Months during this Pandemic. We would be building Living & Working Accommodation & A College & A Medical Centre etc NOT A CATHEDRAL ~ OK !

    Best wishes & Peace & Joy
    Yours Brian & Angela


    ANGELA HERE - Hi Dove thanks for your encouraging response ! With EXTRATERRESTRIAL Children it where they were CONCEIVED that is important not where thy were BORN ! SO if we went to Mars on a short term mission (say 5 years) to help to set up the Colony and conceived a Child who was then BORN on Mars it woul be a true Martin ~ EXCITING ! In the Spanish naming tradition MARZIO (nino) o MARZIA (nina) They would of course look like us (not green with triangular heads and huge almond eyes !) but all their Astral Influences wold be Martian and the first Settlers would devise a Language & Music & Dress & Games ~ AWESOME !
    Normally in an acrostic the FIRST LETTER of each line must spell out the TITLE WORD - The same is true in a SYN-ACROSTIC - BUT - The first word in each line must also be a SYNONYMN (or a DESCRIPTOR of the Title Word ~ OK ~ have a go post one !

    Bendiciones y Paz y Alegria y Amor
    Abrazos y Besos d*A y B y Gatto Fumado !

  • Suresh

    EXPECTATIONS - a journey to achieving them.

  • Suresh

    Judgement - GUILTY
    Verdict - All humans MUST VACATE earth IMMEDIATELY.

    So proclaimed by the remaining earthly species.


      Thanks Suresh - BRIAN HERE -Pleased you got the MESSAGE ! According to GHIA Theory - Planet Earth is fighting BACK with Global Warming - Ice Caps Melting - Sealevel Rise - Coastal Erosion etc and now COVID 19 - All Anthropogenic (Manmade) ! Soon Planet earth will become inhosptable and unsuitable for Mankind. There are nearly 8 billion People and there is (in reality) nowhere else for US to GO ! Monkeys are more versitile so in 100 Years time it could acctually become *PLANET OF THE APES* AGAIN ! Please check our latest FUSION (click on *Developing* to see it) *WHAT ARE YOUR FAVE CATS & DOGS ?* THANKS !

      BLESSINGS - Angela & Brian & Smokey !

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