Everyone tells me that this earth is my home

Why is it, the longer I stay here, the more I feel alone?

This sense of not belonging, grows day by day

I need to get myself moving, I need to travel & roam


There will be no welcoming faces, as I pass right through

My only solitary companion will be the endless sky of blue

No final destination on my map of hopes & dreams

Just empty faces, closing doors, in all these places of new


With all that I am & all that I could be

I walk this earth & nobody sees me

With all that I am & all that I should be

I walk this earth & it doesn’t want me


With all that I am & all that I could be

I walk this earth yet nobody sees me

With all that I am & what I‘ve become

I walk this earth, its rejection, I'll overcome


My footprints disappear behind me with each step I take

No longer claustrophobic as I take in my escape

Free to be me, not forced to be someone I’m not

I slowly absorb my freedom, finally a purpose to stay awake


I am completely alone; I guess I have no choice

When I indulge in conversation, I am the only voice

With no friends, no love nor home

I am paying for actions unknown, paying the ultimate price


© 2020 Unsub



  • Poetic Rhyme

    I can relate walking alone is not for everyone but the few that walk alone are indeed very strong great write love it

    • Unsub


      I do walk alone but it's probably that I haven't showered for a while.

      Thanks for dropping in,


      • Poetic Rhyme


      • sylviasearcher

        But I heard you

        Or maybe I just heard myself?

        • Unsub


          damn! I was wearing my slippers too!


          • sylviasearcher


            Never walk the earth in slippers.


          • The Uneducated O.A.P

            Yoa Unsub, perhaps you walk alone cause your listening to that music you play! Lol , seriously though great words, keep sane, Bill

            • Unsub


              I do enjoy being alone at times but this piece is not a precise description of me. It's just a poem.

              You keep (in)sane too.


              • The Uneducated O.A.P

                I too like being alone, especially driving, with the greatest cover of a song playing, Disturbed, The Sound Of Silence, No need for the brackets, I'm defo Insane, Bill

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              • orchidee

                You started me off singing 'You'll never walk alone'. Now I'm the only one walking alone. Strange that - could be cos I'm singing! lol.

                • Unsub


                  which direction are you walking, just I'm sure I need to go in the opposite direction if you're singing.


                • dusk arising

                  You have most certainly struck a chord in my life here. Now entering retirement i feel it more than ever.

                  In defence i walk alone. Disappointment with myself i can tolerate. Disappointment from the actions of others does not enter my field.

                  You writings are all the more powerful when they strike a spot within your reader, as today.

                  • Unsub


                    surely disappointment in yourself keeps you occupied enough! LOL! I'm very disappointed in you.

                    This isn't really based on any real-life event; just kind of made it up as I went along...just don't tell anybody that I've winged it.


                  • ANGELA & BRIAN

                    ANGELA HERE ~ Good Night UNSUB ! Come on UNSUB - You*re kidding surely You have nearly 150 Friends in Cyber Space (MPS) and we all love You and your Challenging remarks on our ODD ODES ! And you must have at least ONE real Friend in *The Hillsides & the Valleys of Wales !*
                    You dont post songs but four very appropriate ones come to mind

                    Mister Cellophane
                    Me & My Shadow
                    Alone again - naturally
                    Are YOU loneome TONIGHT
                    I guess LOCKDOWN was tailor-made for the LONELY !
                    Cos now we*re all up the Same Creek ~ paddleless

                    Blessings & Peace & Joy
                    Love Angela - Brian & Smokey

                    • Unsub


                      this is just a poem & not based on me particularly. I enjoy solitude & being alone but not all the time.

                      Cyber friends never count as we never truly know who is sitting behind the screen. Am I really Unsub? If I am who am I?

                      I choose friends very carefully; most nearly always let you down at the most inconvenient times.

                      I only post songs that I own the copyright to do so. Songs on YouTube, in most cases are not the property of the poster & hardly ever are these songs allowed to be shared. But so many abuse that right to post & share it anyway. It\'s known as piracy!

                      I will take no part in destroying the music business by sharing somebodyelse\'s copyrighted work. I\'m no thief. I just steal souls! LOL!


                    • Goldfinch60

                      Being alone has obviously come to me recently in the passing of my wife but I have the ability to move on and to walk with people - it would be better though if I could walk into the coffee shop and be with people and coffee.

                      Your voice may be the only one to you but it is certainly not to those who read you words.


                      • Unsub


                        I understand that physically you walk alone but we both know she is with you spiritually.

                        If I lived closer I'd have a coffee with you...from the distance of 2m of course, which is awkward when sharing a double chocolate doughnut!

                        I appreciate your kind words,


                        • Goldfinch60

                          Thank you Unsub, so true.

                          2 miles is a long apart to talk to each other. I cannot come though as I am not allowed in Wales.


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                        • peto

                          Ah grasshopper
                          Reminds me of old tv show king fu
                          Loved it
                          Well done yet again

                          • Unsub


                            "patience young Grashopper" - I loved that show too.


                          • alexis karpouzos

                            A manifesto of modern existence. Melancholy thoughts from a strong soul. We are ll alone, but at the same time we are all connected.

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