A story her vacant eyes tell so easily,
Tales of violence spawned from jealousy,
Fueled by alcohol and drugs use daily,
A union built on fear and co-dependency.  

Desperate for answers that she may find,
Racking her brain searching her mind,
For any reference and or point in time,
Their relationship began its rapid decline.

  Slowly he started his plan for full control,
Her choice of friends, where she could go,
How she acted with her roommates at home,
Invading her privacy tracking her phone.  

Seeing his insecurities and temper worsen,
She began to witness a whole other person,
Now the monster no longer behind a curtain,
What was to come next, she knew for certain.

  Now almost anything done he didn't like,
Without warning her he would cruelly strike,
Never remorseful because he felt it right,
Breaking her confidence and will to fight.  

Presently he still makes all the rules,
She blindly follows and continues to lose,
Respect, friends, and the strength to choose,
Brainwashed, battered and mentally abused.

A travesty her blank stare screams silently,
Her life a disturbing account ended tragically,
Survived by alcohol and drug use faithfully,
A union that control killed almost instantly.


  • orchidee

    A doog etirw!

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