Letting You Let Go

What does it say about me when I did something wrong and don’t even know what?

Didn’t even know I had a knife and she ended up cut!

I tried to talk with her about what went wrong, but down and out, I got shut!


I’ve accepted it, I’ve moved on, I’m over her

It does not even hurt to think about, I’m not popping pills, I’m not drowning myself in liquor 

For everything wrong I must have done, I’m strong, a good man, I know it, I don’t need you to concur


But I still care and I’m not going to deny that or fight that

What I don’t care about is if she thinks I’m no better than a rat,

I’m letting her let go of me, but I’m not myself and that’s just where we’re at


I’m not walking away, but I’m not stopping her from doing so

If I’m not what’s best for her, then I don’t want to be in the show

If she isn’t going to hold me, doesn’t want me to hold her, then I’ll watch her go


I was on her team, now I’m off, down came the divide

But I’ll still be silently cheering her on from the side

You can damn my tears and damn my pride!


I want all of your days to be good, your dreams to come true, see your life become a masterpiece of art

And I accept the only way I can, will of that be a part

Is by letting you let go of my heart 

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