"She's unbecoming" they say
Undiscovering her old ways
She's unlearning her old lines
And unyearning for his eyes
She's unbecoming
What they want
She's unbelieving
What they taught
She's undressing
Off comes the guise
She's unrelenting
Let it all go by the wayside

So let us watch
This great unbecoming
Watch each layer as she sheds
Each word she unsays
Watch as she exposes
The sensitive nerve
That makes her feel
That lets her hurt
Watch as she unbecomes
Gawk as she unbeloves

For under all that she once
Pretended to be
Lies the long sought truth
Of what she always was

For she knows now
It is only in the unbecoming
That she may be healed
It is only in the unbecoming
That she becomes real


  • Goddess of the Mist

    Awesome, I love this poem and the freedom it conveys!

    • SheWasTheSun

      Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed.

    • MendedFences27

      Before we can love anyone or anything we must first love ourselves.Once we are safe in our own skin, then we can let others in. All this advice is what I see in your poem. Someone is reaching self-awareness and will go forward with an open heart. A very eye-opening poem. Nicely done - Phil A.

      • SheWasTheSun

        I love how you interpreted it! Thanks much for reading and I'm glad you enjoyed.

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