A Matter Of Time

You protest when things,

don't go your way.

Many lie,

and say that they are peaceful.

Many just,

want something to say,

and are just really loud people.

... but how foolish it is,

to try and fight the law,

and think that you will win.

How long do you think,

that it will be,

before the law,

stands up for themselves?

Will you be surprised?

What will you say,

that one day,

when you see police officers,

marching around,

the corner,

holding picket signs,

saying, 'We Have Rights',

and, 'Our Jobs Matter'?

There will be, 'peaceful',

police demonstrations,

all across America.

It is only a matter of time.

Then who will be justified?



  • Unsub


    you said:

    "I do not mind on how people see me on this matter. I am only speaking the truth."

    "Remember that the Bible has all the true answers."

    Awkward moment really. The bible does not have all the answers!

    I accept your apology on behalf of the free-thinking MPS members.

    Have a wonderfully Jesus infused day & may God light your way.


    Rev. Unsub.

    • ForeverJesus6

      You are not a reverend, and the Bible does have all the answers. If you were a reverend then you would know that.

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