WE LOVE SMOKEY CAT ~ Best  CAT in the Town

HE ~ Has brought JOY into our lives each Day

HE ~ Keeps BRIAN HAPPY during Lockdown

HE ~ Greets Me each night ~ when I come home to Play !


HE ~ Is the very best breed of CAT for US

HE ~ Cares & Purrs & never makes a Fuss

HE*s ~ Very clean ~ always uses His Tray

HE ~ Well deserves his title SUPAPUSS !


HE ~ Love His food & His drink & then

HE ~ Sleeps ~ our Smokey Cat is so contented

HE ~ Plays in the Garden & tweets all the BIRDS

HE ~ never gets aggressive or demented !


OUR HOME ~ is where the CAT is ~ That*s our MANTRA

SMOKEY ~ brings JOY & LOVE ~ He is an ENCHANTER


Thanks for visiting comments welcome 💛 Angela 💛 Brian 💛 Smokey


Ive chosen *Kitten on the Keys* cos when I play it  SMOKEY (& Brian) do a little dance for Me in rhythm !  Brian is a good Dancer and Smokey follows Him ! Weve applied to *Britains Got Talent* !  Smokey seems to sense that the Tune is   Felinic ! Smokey has bought a new and fab dimension into both our Lives and he wont grow up to be TEENAGER !  Love Angela - Brian - Smokey !  

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  • Published: June 9th, 2020 11:29
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  • orchidee

    A fine write A&B. I want a Smokey! Will Fido be OK with one?


      OOOOOPS SORRY UNCLE STEVE - I posted a comment instead of a reply ! Please check poem - Thanks ANGELA !


      Angela here - Buenas Tardes Tio Steve ! Pleased you enjoyed our presentation ! Russian Blues are Cool Cats and hypnotise Doggies with their Golden Eyes. Since we got Smokey some of the local Kids have brought their CATS (& Dogs) to meet Him. The CATS have loved HIM. Dogs are a bit wary of Cats because of their CLAWS. Brian (who is around in the Day) tells me - because He PURRS - so far all the FELINE - FELINE & FELINE - CANINE encounters with SMOKEY have been Friendly ! So far no one has brought a MOUSE !

      Fido should be OK provided he doesnt BARK !
      Spiritual love - Angel - Brian - Smokey Cat !

    • Fay Slimm.

      A pet makes a house a home and Smokey has done that for you dear Duo - - a gem of a Love Sonnet.

      • ANGELA & BRIAN

        Angela here - Good Evening FAY thanks for your encouraging reposte ! Smokey loves His HOME and is still exploring ! He loves all the BIRDS and sits in the Garden and listens to them cheeping & chirping ! He PURRS a lot and has made Friends with lots of Local Cats and some Dogs. The dogs are all on leads an with their Owners - OK

        Blessings & Peace & Joy for You
        Love Angela & Brian & Smokey Cat !

      • Nafest

        That picture, it looks like a similar type to one of the cats here, a British Shorthair...but it is a female and...anti-social. My sister bought it.

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