Bay Window Into A Better World

Makeweight stuffs the hay day

I am a numb laze

With cuts and bruises

Stuck in my ways, getting messy

In the sunlight of midwinter


Looking for Cupid, speaking Doric

I'm rhombic, I said, "Deoch an doris!"

Went on a pilgrimage

Wore droplets of sunshine

Like I was opulent and owned everything

The river flowed in slow motion

It was mandatory behaviour

In the middling


I yearned for the wondrous

Thinking of things to say

Yeah, yeah, yeah


I've got nowhere to go

Hope the light leads me to the end of the road

In the sapling's bole, on arable land

The sky dashes in Morse as an exemplar of the perfect honeymoon

Muscat and rose petals are spread around in the hotel room

The oxymoron has rosy red cheeks

Liverwort and tamarind

I'm wearing my shield


Thinking of things to say                                                                                           

Yeah, yeah, yeah.


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