fidel catro


Women stopped devouring the cornel,

Youths stop their lesson for the bell,

Men at front with a lot to tell,

It came a time for justice everyone wanted to mell,

A time for great protagonist Fidel,

A revolutionary man who at hand he had the legacy to sell,


"Listen men and women who seldom to my words you bestow,

I know my need and wish for justice for you have become a straw,

Yet all life has left for me is to live like a dero,

Dreams perishing from start to end, to and fro,

Life and death to me all gone draw,

And that's what we call being Castro,

But I promise never to withdraw,

If we stand together and not to betray like petrol."



    HOLA FIDEL ~ Beunas Tardes eres Tu Cubano ? Welcome to MPS it is an interactive site where we read and commnt on each others poetry ! Gracias por tu prima poema e video ~ muy sympatico !
    FEIDEL CASTRO was a great Leader who stood against the USA to build a model Communist Country in the Caribbean and not be a Playground for Rich Americans with no morals. We have stayed in Western CUBA (2 weeks) and were very impressed with th Education & Medical Services & Hotels and the Joy & Vivacity of the People ! No beggers & noone sleeping rough on the Streets. We loved the Climate - Cusine - Pina Colada con Ron - Lovely Dancing Girls - Cigars & Beautiful American Cars from the 1950s We are are encouraging BRITS to visit CUBA rather than FLORIDA ! Please check our site ~ Gracias !

    Bendiciones y Paz y Alegria y Amor
    Tus Amigos ANGELA y BRIAN

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