Relentlessly I search, for the meaning of myself,

To succeed, and to conquer, and acquire inner wealth.


Cautiously I tread, through the dark land, that is me,

Hoping to see light, through the twisted, and rotten trees.


Each branch an open wound, scarlet sap through the gape,

Corpses of agony entwined, locked in a contorted shape.

A darkness dwells here, manifested from fear,

It breaths, and it lives, and of my joy it does rape.


Its silhouette through the growth, no shape has been known,

To burn dry a mans hope, instilling self destruction to the bone.


A birth of pitiful ignorance, its reluctance to unhand,

Shatters to pieces a mans spirit, through its refusal to understand.


But its breathing stench, has expired, and nevermore it shall dwell,

It will be torn from the branches, it will relieve me, of my hell.


A beam breaks the canopy, a new day starts to pour,

The beast nowhere to thrive, its heart beating no more.


Once withered branches, now flower, darkness awash in the light,

A greeting smile to the dawn, a scowl goodbye to the night.


Lifeless as it lays, a scar branded in time.

Pooling around feet, on reclaimed land, again mine.


Leaning over I peer, into its heart, I now see,

That staring, right back, is an estranged reflection, of me!


  • MaddieJ

    Wow such intentional words and images that you write here. I enjoyed the artistry in your arrangement and tone as well as relate to this darkness that you speak of. It does get better with time! You are so right! I am glad this is in the past, but see that even in the dark, you had talent!

    • G84

      Thank you Maddie glad you liked it :)

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