Dreamer In the Wind


She turns and faces the warm, dry, pulsating air.

It tussles in her hair and caresses her cheek;

Tickling as it passes and swifts across her skin. 

She smells the wind that carries the scent of the world;

A world she has never seen or walked upon.


Deeper and deeper her lungs open and close

To grasp as much of this foreign friend as she can.

Inhaling the tiny specs of souvenirs from around the globe;

Exhaling and remembering that she can’t go with her own breath.

Jealous of the wind’s liberty to go wherever the sky takes it.

Wishing to be carried off into the unknown. 


The horizon winks at her as the sun goes to bed.

She dances with the wind as it flails her about.

In blissful craze, she howls and sings to her friend under the moon!

Trees encore; arms raised for another round of her show.

Cheering and waving their branches as they see

The reunion of the dreamer and her dream.


It will soon be time for the wind to leave.

The finale of this great performance ending with a still moment of silence.

Oh, how she mourns and dreads the quiet as her friend travels away!

How her eyes longingly stare into the tail of this magnificent swirl.

The trees are whispered to sleep as the wind departs.

The horizon begins to open its eyes once more.


The day awaits to receive the dreamer in the wind.


Copyright 2020

Maddie J.


  • Author: Leya Virago (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 11th, 2020 15:45
  • Comment from author about the poem: How many of us just want go where the wind takes us? I feel trapped sometimes in my body, and my life. I would never want to end it, but at the same time, don't know how to spend it. My nights of dancing under the cheering trees and the Santa Ana winds are long gone. I have yet to find anything like that experience again. Perhaps someday soon. Praying for it to come soon!
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  • dusk arising

    A masterful write. Each line is poetry itself. Beguiling, you held me as I eased into your poetic environment feeling the breeze teasing me, to take me.

    You last three lines fill me with envy. Your poetic vision here is second to none.

    • MaddieJ

      Thank you ever so much for reading! It's always a pleasure to receive feedback. I am so glad you enjoyed it. I was really trying to convey something that I have always felt and didn't try to express until now.

      Your final comment is undeserved, but I appreciate it so much!

    • peto

      Seemed a few memories are in amongst the dreams
      You will see and experience much more
      As you have had a taste
      Excellent writing

      • MaddieJ

        I think when you long to be in the past, it's hard not to mix memory and dream.
        I know I will someday. I have hope!
        Thank you for the kind comments! Looking forward to checking out some of your recent work as well!

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