Where the clouds met the mountain

I went where it was quiet.

I could see the sunset Orange with a hint of violet.

I reached where I thought was the peak.

Its so quiet I study my surroundings and still do not find the answer in which I seek.

All the mixed emotion we chose to feel.

I have never felt so I could not tell what was real.

I have learned my lesson blinded by the clouds that met the mountain.

In search for a drink I find a small endless pool like a fountain.

Im naive I wish for wisdom but I drink for youth.

I drink and drink until my mind is lost what is the truth. 

let me be young forever or die now what do I have to lose.

I'll lose what I never had achanse to to grasp.

A life of less pain and a little more laughs.

But things could of been worse.

Give me strength for a difficult life no easy way out, Pain is my religion this mountain is my church.

The clouds clear up I have released I had not made it close to its peak.

My clouds that met my mountain where does this story end maybe a future whit her I could never see. 

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