How to explain to a city youngster

What is a well, what is a spring

When the millennials, born and raised

With tap water and coca cola

How can you expect them to learn

Water from the well you drink

Of the well-digger you should think?

A drop of water you receive

Is to be repaid with a well for all?

Water from a well never mix up

with water from a river?

And how  tears well up my eyes?


At a time when the globe is warming up

And underground water gets lower and lower

One day, when all wells dry up into oblivion

And the earth becomes as barren as Mars

No need to explain any more

The last moisture

May be the last drop of tears of a human



    ANGELA HERE - Good Evening AROBOT Thnks for an interesting Poem ! Water H~O~H is a simple but very interesting and essential substance. Planet Earth is different form the other Solar Planets because of its abaundance of liquid water. There are millions of gallons of liquid water (mainly salty ~ 3.5 % salt) for every Human being on the Planet. To be potable water has to be purified and in the Developed Countries in the West we take it for granted that Tapwater is drinkable. I once drank Well Water in Mexico and ended up with MONTAZUMAS REVENGE ~ bad tummy ! The Global population is growing and water pollutin is increasing. WE must conserve water and ensure evone of us has access to an adequate supply of PURE POTABLE WATER ~ AMEN NO WATER = DEATH !

    Love & Peace & Joy
    Please visit our site ~ THANKS

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