Someone Is harboring ill intent

A stranger in the alley

Tall, dark, and handsome

A wolf roaming the valley


Those poor creatures whose skin glistens in the moonlight

They hear his call at night

Serenading them to the window

This was the beginning of a fight


Who could resist a voice of velvet

and his silver tongue

His song would reach his victims ears

They’re fate sealed once he was done


Do not listen to his song

Do not look into his eyes

The handsome mask he wears

Built of 1000 lies



    ANGELA HERE - Good Morning SUNSEEKER welcpme to MPS. It is a proactive site which opperates by reading & commenting on aech others POEMS ! Thank you for Your first Poem. It is elegantly penned - four quatrains wiith a consistent Rhyme pattern xaxa xbxb etc.The subject MASKS - is interesting and topical ! Before COVID 19 People generally wore MASKS for sinister reasons and to hide their identity as suggested in your POEM. My Parents taught me to avoid such poeple. They still exist ! In the UK and Worlwide COVID 19 Masks are now worn to protect ourselves & others from the VIRUS ! Thanks for caring & sharing.

    Love & Peace & Joy to You Yours
    ANGELA & BRIAN 💛💛💛💛💛

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