What do we do,

when this nonsense is over,

when the uncivilized,

are done pillaging,

when they are satisfied,

with their vandalized,

and torn down statues?

When is next,

when they destroy themselves?

Then comes the act,

of reconstruction,

in which order is restored.

then reformations are made,

about how we,

treat each other.

After reformation,

will come reflection.

We will look at where,

we made mistakes.

Many people will begin,

to see the truth;

that real peace comes,

from Christ Jesus,

and this country will then,

witness a great revival.



  • orchidee

    A fine write Forever.
    I see in some James Bond films (!), yes, a spiritual aspect.
    Btu I could have told some of the villains that they need not have bothered with their plans. It's people that need changing, not outward 'society'.
    And how are the villains any better by destroying 'old worlds' but still continuing the sins/crimes, etc themselves?
    Also - what worried me from 'Moonraker' and some other films - how they going to do their shopping in space; or in an underwater city?!

  • orchidee

    And yet a line in 'Moonraker' does not admit to changing people inwardly. It just says the villain is aiming to create a race of perfect physical specimens of humans (the 'outward').

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