S HOPPING is an important part of a Ladys Genes - We

H AVE to Shop to retain *Street Cred* it seems !

O for a chance to *Pop to a Shop* - see & feel the latest Fashion

P OP to a Shop - and *Shop til we Drop* our Passion !

P ASSION subdued is a dangerous feud - for three months its been VERBOTEN

Have sated desire @ Sainsbury*s but now NEXT & M & S are OPEN !

N OTHING I need - shopaholic greed - fashion is dead in a CATALOGUE

G LADLY I queue with Jilly & Pru and we drool like a FOOL or a DOG !


 Thanks for visit - did you shop @ Weekend ? Love ANGELA & BRIAN  💛💛💛    

  • Author: ANGELA & BRIAN (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 16th, 2020 05:06
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  • orchidee

    So you don't speak to me now? You're far superior - M&S! Only 'common people' go to Co-op, etc! lol.


      Ooooops Uncle Steve ~ Sent comment instead of REPLY - please check Poem ANGELA !


      ANGELA HERE - Thanks UNCLE STEVE - A girl has to have some CLASS. I always buy LINGERIE for M & S ! Cheeper and more durable than Victorias Secret. We have a Mini M & S in the hospital & Brian & I love M & S Food - YUMMY. Have you been into Town ? I hope Bris hasn*t jumped too soon *Its the Economy Stupid !* Hee sounds & looks more like TRUMP every day !

      Blessings to You & Your Profitable Pooch
      Spirit Love - Angela & Brian & Smokey !

    • Fay Slimm.

      Love the quirky rhymes about shopping - so pleased to find more shops will be shops will be available - soon......... keep taking care dear Duo.

      • ANGELA & BRIAN

        Thanks FAY ! I always wear a mask at Work & My Clients now have to wear them too. I have a secial one which allows me to speak coherently. Everyone entering the hospital is given a mask and in some shops. We are taking care and we dont want to miss a minute of the next 50 Years ! BORIS has the thankless task of getting the UK back to work safely. We have done well so far but have to be careful not to *jump the gun too soon* for the sake of *A few Dollars more*. Please Pray for Knowledge & Wisdom - AMEN !

        Love Joy & Peace
        Angela & Brian & Smokey !

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