Bankers collapse

Mr Banker, I have caught you,

Your hands inside my pocket.

Now I will have to file this

And place it on the docket.


Your greed has new precedence,

You reap what I have sown.

Your gluttony will never fill

Till everything you own.


Surely you must be bored

Amongst your heavy wealth.

The wise laugh at your ways

Real riches is your health.


I seem very judgemental

But I despise your very way.

I do my honest daily work

But you take away my pay.


Have you never even thought

That interest bleeds us dry?

Now we must go to war

Forgive me for being wry.


How can we ever repay?

I guess it is my labour!

I have to fill my pouch,

I must Rob my neighbour!


You don't care about cash

You're just a bloody whore!

You want global serfdom

So I must now go to war!


  • dusk arising

    When i read your title 'bankers collapse' i wondered if it was a new dance.

    Do you know who's got more money than your banker? The roman catholic church. The wealthiest organisation on the planet according to google (interesting reading btw). A whore? Well whore's dont have to apologise for peadophilia in their houses. Who's worse?

    • Gavin

      mystery babylon

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