Covid-19 the monster within

Covid-19 The monster within 


You came from nowhere 

you came to hurt

you came to kill 

you took the ones we love

the ones we held dear to us

no one knew you were coming 

no word no warnings 


we wear face masks and face coverings to Shield us from you

to hide from you

to stop you taking every ounce of breath we have

You squeeze our hearts 

you suffocate our lungs

make us burn up till we can't communicate no more

from one person to the next

silent as can be


will this world ever be the same?

dreaming of no queuing  

no face coverings 

no keeping our distance from anyone 

no spraying disinfectant of any kind 

This world may recover when I am dead

our children may see life as we once knew

we will fight you

just you watch!!

a new start 

a new beginning

we live in hope

not in fear..........



  • dusk arising

    We know where this came from. It came from a laboratory in wuhan china where they experiment with and alter viruses from bats.
    Some have said it is a punishment from god but no. It is here as a result of china making chemical/virus weapons. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Will you be buying goods made in china in future?

    • mimi74

      I know where it came from but I was trying to say......we wasn’t expecting it so it came out of nowhere!! No news or information until deaths started being recorded.


      HI MIMI ~ Brian Here ! There are many poems on MPS dealing qith COVID 19 (Ours today is *SOCIAL DISTANCE* please check !) Yours is an excellent resume of COVID 19 and how it affects us all ! V 1. Cause (It was from a virology experiment - Im a Biochemist) & Effect ! V 2. Our experiences V 3. The future *This too shall Pass* and a glimmer of Optimism & Hope & NOT Fear. Thanks for scarin* !

      Peace & Joy
      Yours Brian & Angela

    • AwHec8

      Good write as in right to the point of this disease. Here in the USA at over 120,000 deaths that is being reported with so much more not shown this virus is disturbing to say the least. Kinda like the response by our own government. Just Saying

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