Who is That?

I saw a glimpse of a skull

Beneath the expressionless face

Not that I saw it again

Doesn't matter which way I face


They have two ears and a mouth

Some hair, some eyebrows and a nose

But who is that I can see?

I don't think that anyone knows


They could be a mighty king

Or a court jester or a knight

Truthfully it's hard to tell

During the vastness of the night


I think they have a broad chin

Or is it sharp and to a point

I suppose I could just ask

Although really what is the point?


I wonder if they like song

Or if instead they like to write

Do they think about the world

And what can be both wrong and right


Many say to see the soul

Look through a window in the eye

I though looked through a mirror

But couldn't see both them and I

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