John McChord

None Of Them Will Know

Have you the endurance

Through thunder calling lie

None should hear your worry

None the like but I

For I have seen the sea

The waves and swirls below

In the deepest aching

None of them will know


The two of us hung heavy

Rode long and hard by scorn

Our fantasies been displayed

Through gazes, beat and worn

Have you the faith to carry on

When all the hope is gone

With none but withered visions

Of heroes’ battles won


It should be a curse to carry

Such a flicker of rage

These my friends, the only beats that vary

Or when you feel the day has aged

Remember the lad of regiment

Who’s dreams became the night

Like ours the future, a fragment

Each breath a wicked right


Until the sun rises once more

We’ll ll stand prepared

To receive our captain

Far beneath the shore

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