Poetic Dan

Gloves are off!

Let's not mess around
Things are never at a point of no return

We seem to get a delight out of telling each other what can and can't be done!

They said I can't leave school at 13 but I did! I was told you can't leave home but I did. Most said I wouldn't get a job but I've had more than enough, I was told I'll never make it far or keep this fight up!

Well, each time I step up to the plate, I need to re-evaluate my mind state. I listen to as many souls as I can, then own the space in which I stand!

Life has always been a war, one we each have to balance our own needs against others lifes course.

No amount of mass gathering will look any different than the past, just the same chessboard and the parts.

I with hold my consent and funding the gangsters in charge, I don't recognise their authority my soul is leading my path.

Treat me like an animal and we will use no names, the world is yet to see the true packs stand up to this unbalanced game!

What we see on the street at the moment are lost souls, shopping or looting and protesting the past.

The gift of life is ours and its happening now, we each just need to see that inner power and know how we give it way each time we say, it's okay!

It is not okay and has never been, many repeatedly giving the same information and laws but expecting a different response with an ending!

Einstein said this was insanity and look what we have got!

As if we're no long what we think, eat or feel, we have lost our instincts to remember what has been passed down from generation to generation, wisdom of existence!

See that you can do what you wish to do as long as it doesn't hurt the ones around you, although if you feel the need to create fear or inflict pain..

You are still on a journey that needs to see that pattern was learnt and let go of the restraints, this has been my journey and I'll never obey again!


  • Unsub


    your path may have some deadend's but you keep finding your way! Respect my friend.


    • Poetic Dan

      Always appreciated my friend!

      This felt like a good relief to the pressure build up by the general world around me, although today its still not right...

      I don't think it well ever be but must remain focused

      Keep up the write!

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