Gesenia Burley

What's The Answer?


Innocent black men have been shot and died

Mothers have sat and cried.

Hatred on the rise

Families-friendships starting to divide


In the name of justice,

People have become destructive.

Losing focus

On change-purpose


Pointing fingers-fighting

Looting, building you are burning

Jobs loss,

All to get a point across.


Only one side is deemed right

Those who disagree

Shunned for giving their insight

Called crazy; making them inwardly angry


We’re fed by the media

Not realizing their agenda

Spotlighting the negative, to keep us entertain

We constantly watch pain, and then point the blame


Discrimination on all sides

People grouped together; scrutinized

All “whites”, “blacks” and “cops”

The blame has to stop

To, as a country, get back on top


Yourself you should check,

Realize you aren’t perfect.

Fix yourself, and others respect

Stop the blame,

Feeding an already lit flame.

Let go of your grudge

Give it to the true JUDGE


Connect to HIM; He is perfect!

Hearts, He only can change, and correct

Because the problem isn’t skin

Its Sin!


Oh God, fix our wrong

Use this time to make us strong.

Discrimination isn’t in your kingdom.

All who accept you are welcomed.


God, this hatred is spreading like cancer!

But YOU are the healer and the answer.

With that thought, I can rest.

Knowing that I am blessed.


  • Accidental Poet

    Very well said Gesenia. When will people learn that violence solves nothing. Violence feeds upon itself. Great write.

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