WE are Optimistic about life after

COVID 19 - We shall OVERCOME !

Life is difficult for those under 40

Because we rely on Social 

Discourse - to keep us sane & to keep in touch with Life.

ANGELA (Physio) - has not ........

Been locked down - so she is - ironically

Less stressed out - just worn out - with Life ! 


I am fortunate - Ive an overgrown garden 

To restore in the sunshine - YES !

And SMOKEY to house train and help him to .......

Adapt to new environment ! 

Responsible for Applied Science ~ with Technicians

To care for Plants - Animals - Labs

To ensure *Alles in Ordnung* for the Students

When they return - in JULY ?


This will take time - but Education is Flexible



Thanks for visit comments welcome ~ Love ANGELA & BRIAN


This Poem is presented in Blank Verse as an 8 8 2  ~  18 line Poem   


Angela & I are fortunate because both our Jobs will survive the Pandemic in the NHS & Education. Due to the downturn in Trade & Manufacture many will lose their Jobs because of the Pandemic. I guess the best off are the retired on Adequate Pensions. YES We will survive but at price. There is a great deal of sharing & altruism during a Pandemic - lets pray it persists when it is all over ! 


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  • Published: June 21st, 2020 01:34
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  • orchidee

    We can't go far wrong with a duedo-wotsit, I 'm sure! Are they a rare species?! I'm waffling on now. lol. Fido of course knows what duedo-thingy is. He knows 99% of things in creation.


      GOOD SUNDAY - UNCLE STEVE - Thanks for your *Q* and quirky comment You always eulogise FIDO - I am sure He loves his Human Dad !
      DUODEVIGINTI is a melifluous word (LATIN) and it literally means *TWO SHORT OF TWENTY* a very elegant way of saying Eighteen. So a POEM of 18 lines is a DUODEVIGINTI ! A DDV can have any verse pattern but 8 8 2 is the most classic one - AMEN !

      Blessings to You & Fido on Fathers Day ~
      Spiritual Love - Angela & Brain & Smokey ~
      Who is Lovin* his New Dad !

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