Only God Knows

When you cry,

it is because you need to.

They wonder why.

They think you're soft.

You don't want anyone,

to laugh at you.

So you go alone,

in your room,

and turn the lights off.

You put your face,

in a stuffed animal,

a pillow, or your shirt.

So nobody else,

will hear you.

or see you hurt.

... or even worse,

they sympathize,

and ask you,

"What is wrong"?

You try not to face them,

and think, 'It's none of their business.

Why did they have to come'

... but now you have to,

find the words,

to explain,

and they still,

don't understand.

... but don't worry young man,

little child,

sad woman,

or person in the mirror,

God always can.



  • orchidee

    This is true - Good write Dion.

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