Accidental Poet

The Deepest Well of Passion

There lives a passion for words

Such a deep well they come from

Poetic words speaking to the heart

And with prose the heart responds


For the heart and the deep well of passion

Are one and the same

One within the other

In the expression of emotions they gain


 Said she in thoughtful reply

 “Passion spills over into all areas of life”

Be it of true love in the heart

Or days and nights filled with strife


And as water seeks its own level

Passion finds its own way out

As notes from piano or guitar

Get all excited as they dance about


Your passion may reveal itself

As a pre-determined means of expression

 Go ahead, feed it and see what happens

 If you see a lot of smiles, ‘twas a good impression


Let the artist’s pencil sketch on paper

The sculptor’s hands mold soft clay

And the painter’s brush upon waiting canvas

The photographer captures the changing light of day


 Let the passion come forth

Give generously without ration 

Reach into the depths of your heart

The deepest well of passion


Copyright © Accidental Poet 2011




  • Goldfinch60

    Passion comes in so many forms and can be so surprising sometimes.


  • orchidee

    A fine write AP. Bit deep for this time of the morning?! lol. Note to self - Well, read it later in the day then, Orchi!

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