~ The Mind The Soul ~

Eye mine my mind

eye find coal and turn it to gold

If the mind and all it's components are the soul
then surely we must take care of it and question all that we are told

This mind that eye wander

in further eye grow fonder

eye unwind and turn off the lights

eye have intricate insights

It's not superstitious but may be right

to say a television tells-a-vision

Like a black mirror

a scrying tool

used to fool the fool

The passing thoughts and inner monologue they are a song

not an identity to prolong

As they come

eye dissect

eye question what within reflects

as they go

eye unfold

a new layer of understanding

eye hath removed another blindfold


  • Audax

    I love how you use “eye” instead of “I.” Absolutely original and creative! I see that you talking about digging further for the truth and going through each layer to get to that truth. In other words, going past the surface to find the truth inside. Truly heavy with imagery and spiritualism!

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