Clutter at work

Clutter at work


Old woman in pyjama of flank

Worked whole morn by her front door

At a doghouse framed with collected plank

Shrouded in collage linen and tar


Neighbors look down upon dog and cat

what a shame! A tumor growth on the flat!

They frown and gossip and mail her black

But she moves matronly, face held back


A peep into her room may confirm the rumor

Cardboard to the ceiling, bottles over flown

Adopted pets lodge indoor and outdoor

For a professor, what a disgrace!they moan


They live a consumerist life, like king

Buying in flashy packs, disposing with no care

Little knowing what disaster they bring

Look around, junks, junks, everywhere!


Surely The prof is not poor, but fully aware

The earth is exhausted by tear ans wear

An old junk, she takes herself graced

Better to make the last use of the waste.

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