The Coloured Man's Burden

I was born a white man

With compassion and peace,

Unlike my racial brothers 

Who let equality cease.


They scheme plan and plot

To bind us all in chains.

What will the game cost?

The blood from our veins!


The poverty that despoils

Those in second class,

Cut before their time

Mowed down like the grass


Why is it that we think

They don't deserve fate?

Sweating blood and tears 

Yet forbid to pass a gate.


How can we degrade a man 

Inflict a self ashame

See him as a lesser 

And Rob him of his claim.


In theory we are equal 

But does that really play

The bulk don't have a part

They sure don't have a say.


Whilst the superior class

Claims the bloody pie,

Ignores the broken souls

Without asking why.


To them their ascendant

With all the witless tact,

But like a hollow shell

Like a mirror that is cracked.


The coloured man's place

is surely to abide.

Fill an empty space 

One without pride


I won't be subservient 

To whom that rules the roost,

Take him off his pedastal

And Rob his ego boost.


So to the man who hears this

Sitting on another's knife.

Raise your cultured banners

Contest this paltry life.


Spread this new message 

To all those with no choice,

And let it be a beacon 

To all those with no voice.


Are you going to roll and die 

Beneath our starry night?

So make your voices echo heard

To those who share your plight.


God bless you on your mission 

To claim your rightful share 

And to be seen as the wheat

That replaced the lonely tare.





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