I couldn't escape the spider laugh

Melting Athens wax as hot as milk glass

Like the steeplejack with cherry-red cheeks

Metal welded, building cities with my hands

I sculpted a marshmallow island

It's my kingdom


A blissful Utopia

Home for fat buddhas

With bones, teeth, and brass instruments

I breathe in and I exhale cast-iron winds

The clouds sit in the sky like a premonition

I feel like a piece of the puzzle has gone missing

Like I feel redundant and photosensitive

But I'm shot through with temporary happiness

Dissolving into nothing like a snowflake

I lay awake like plasma


My younger sister is as cute as a button

As sweet as nectar with an irreplaceable smile

I remember when she was small enough to fit in my arms

Like a perfect little doll, and time stopped for a second

When I looked at her, it was my first time being a brother

I melted like butter, like Athens wax

I didn't have much to say

I have a cave for a heart, it's deep and black

But I don't like to think about things like that

I'd rather think about sweet things

Fond memories and ice-cream dreams

Hot guys wearing loveheart shaped sunglasses

Lemon sunshine and molasses

I'm pretty content in the kingdom I've made

Unless something big happens or I'm bent out of shape

Multitasking like an octopus, late at night

I can hear a deafening whistle twirl like a fairytale

This is real life, not a dress rehearsal

Whenever the princess Jew demands soft fruit

There's an earthquake in my room

Butterflies flittering at the holy mountain

At the fountain of gold, feeling young like a daisy

I'm as white as the moon with skeleton arms

With a fervour for living

Like a Lucky Star at Mossvale

Free in the fields, I walked along the path

By the old and wise trees, looking at the acres

One thousand footsteps from the farmhouse

With murder on my mind

My eyes peeled open and I heard voices in the trees

But it wasn't coming from my head

There was a throng of stationary idiots

Acting like harebells, unaware I was there

Taking the long way home

How can my life be such a mess?                                                                                                     

I left with my purchase like a seagull                                                                                   

Walked down the street like Andy Warhol                                                                     


How can my life be such a mess? 

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