A voice in the Dark

A voice screaming in the dark

With the wind rush breath

Uncertainty running through the heart,

Rage of anger and the fear of death.


Our part in society a distant Art bequeath

beneath waves of other voices now sheathed.

Our braided hair with sweat festered beneath,

The loose roots may sway in delusion displayed.


The squint help, surface numb with silence

Perched banners reached blinked tears,

Compensation inspired to penance.

Pensive remains the offensive dairies.


That pondering on the wind wash quay

The clarity to stay, come what may,

By grieving souls, the rhythm weighs.

The guilty fabric of the pride that fray.


Voices in the dark left the scars behind,

Waited in line for the tides and times

gritted teeth closed parts of the locked mind

the surfeit of uncertainty refines.


The pain within always trying to escape

the scars made joy too late trying to break

free from this agony and denuded ache

that human fleet of darkness separate.

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