Jeffrey Roy


For I am death why be so afraid of me

Cause in the end you will succumb to me

I'll sneak up on you and you'll never see me coming

Sometimes you fight feverishly to the very end before I finally win

Why hath you fear of me I ask, Is it because you fear me?

Or is it the fear of the unknown that provokes your fear

I'm always the winner can't you see and you will succumb unto me

Sometimes I'm slow and sometimes I'm fast but in the end I'll get you at last

Sometimes its disease and sometimes from your own foolish ways

Sometimes from smoking and some from wine but I'll get you in my own chosen time


  • dusk arising

    Oh so true and who would be foolish enough to argue with you.
    I think most are overly concerned with HOW they snuff it rather than the fact of snuffing it itself. But regardless of that, you're right.... it's coming.

  • Bragee

    True words.
    Can’t spend our limited time trying to cheat death because death always catches us eventually.

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