The Value of Tears

The Value of Tears



I truly cannot sing her praises

Loud or long enough

She really does seem to me

That perfect

But logic simply

Will have none of it today

Instead I shall settle

For a moment, maybe two

And try to squeeze an ounce

Or so of comfort from

This  tired

Old bench and watch her

From a distance

Yes, that is precisely how

I shall spend my mornings from

Now on

Under the pretext of reading

Cohen’s ‘Favourite Game’

And sipping

Strong black breakfast coffee

In the courtyard

Off Café Canto alla Mela

Yes, I am almost certain of it

That is precisely how and where

And when

I shall be reminded of

The true value of tears

While gazing out across some  

Vacant courtyard spreading

Far beyond

The sprawling reach of

My own bowed shadow and

From where I find

The brightness of this savage

Florence sun still blinding

Sip it slowly soldier

I thought I heard her voice

From somewhere 

Just behind my right shoulder

And from the shelter of 

This oh' so shaded archway

I am once again reminded

Of the true value of tears



  • Fay Slimm.

    Very appealing this piece of poemed praise to seen beauty and shed tears in glorious Florence once upon a distant memory............. an alluring read Nev.

    • Neville

      Fond memories & true my dear lady Fay and bless ya for gracing this particular page so late in the day :) x

      • Fay Slimm.

        My pleasure as ever...............x

      • dusk arising

        Oh I'm sick with jealousy! I'm sat shivvering with heat stroke in a shed with a hole in it's roof in a thunderstorm.
        On the other hand I should be grateful for the company in here. No... I'm not.... they've all got many more legs than me.

        Stirred by the richness of your words, entertained, enthralled and.... jealous.

        • Neville

          Blimey.. that sounds worse than Orchidee's singing.. your shed that is... The rest of your review note was music to me ears and truly ... thanking you again my friend,


        • orchidee

          Good write Neville.
          I have the ability to reduce anyone to tears - I just sing! heehee.
          I never said they are always tears of desperation though. Some may be tears of joy - ohh, about 1%. lol.

          • Neville

            And dont we know it... thanks tho regardless Orchidee...


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